Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hi Loves,

I've been loving warm reddish brown eyes and the colour Sienna in the Anastasia Maya Mia palette is that perfect shade. Its a gorgeous brick red brown shade that instantly warms up and adds depth to any look.

I have warm taupe as a transition shade and basically used Sienna all over the lids and the lower lash line to warm it up. Smoked out some deep brown to intensify the look further.
Love, BlovetBeauty

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NYC Sunny Bronzer

Hi Loves,
Wow, baby’s almost 2.5 months now! Time really flies and sometimes when I look at this blog of mine, I get pretty emotional because memories of my mid twenties pretty much come flooding back even though only brief moments were captured here. Gawd. Breastfeeding hormones are once making me a nostalgic, emotional mess. Btw, just to side track a little, I got a new compact camera recently, intending to shoot baby and new beauty products but life with 2 boys just got extremely demanding and I haven’t even gotten the chance to use it much. Hope you guys understand.
Ok, ok, lets move on to what I can’t live without lately, bronzer. I’m still a little tubby and have a good 4-5 kgs of baby weight to lose, so naturally I need a good bronzer to shave the double chin, fat cheeks & jaw line. I tried Taupe by NYX to contour but found it a little too much for an everyday contouring product, found Hoola by Benefit too flat, so decided to look into the much raved about Sunny Bronzer. Even though I’ve read reviews online about it being too orange and what not, I do feel like my olive complexion does well with a tad bit of orange and it looked super pretty on some you tube gurus.
Soft, smooth & matte bronzer.
Nice golden orange light brown.
Smooth and easy. Color is buildable.
Decent for price point.
I have nothing on my skin except for NYC Sunny Bronzer and I like how it gives me a summery warm glow. Perfect for everyday bronzer with a tiny bit of contouring effect. It is buildable but I have to be pretty diligent with blending it out or it can look orange and patchy. Otherwise, I kind of love this bronzer and am still testing if it goes with all my blushers. Got to do something about my freckles and spots too – urgh.
Have a great week ahead.
Love, BlovetBeauty

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Z Palette

This is going to be fun! I've recently made a purchase on Makeup Geek's website because I got so fed up of hearing every beauty guru rave about the quality and the buttery texture blah blah blah... I had to try it out for myself cause it's important to have good quality shadows for whatever looks you are going for - be it a Korean or Japanese look. *self justification mode on*

So I got a lavender large sized Z palette which I love and have depotted 3 frequently used Mac Eyeshadows to live with my current collection of 12 MUG shadows.
Mac shadows - Vapour, Shroom & Concrete
MUG - Peach Smoothie, Mango Tango, Cosmopolitan, Moondust, Rapunzel, Creme Brulee, Chickadee, Cupcake, Cocoa Bear, Bitten, Mocha, Country Girl
My Favourites & must haves are:
Cosmopolitan, cupcake, creme brulee,bitten, mocha
My least Favourite:
The rest are pretty decent and nice to have in the collection and they are every bit as good as everyone says they are. Even their customer service rocks.Have you tried some Makeup Geek?
Love, BlovetBeauty