Saturday, January 31, 2015

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

How's the weekend been? We've been pretty under the weather, nursing a bad throat but it's kind of a good opportunity to test out some skincare products I got lately - like ever so popular Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off, which seems to be a staple in every korean skincare routine.

First off, it states clearly that it's a Mask but when I opened up the bottle and saw the texture of the product, I was slightly puzzled at how I was suppose to work such a dense coarse sugar mask onto my skin. It contains mineral enriched Brazilian Black Sugar bits that are pretty large and feel quite coarse. For those with thinner skin, I recommend gently applying a layer  while your skin is slightly moist or damp. For those with thicker skin, it's ok to gently massage it onto your skin.
I left a thin layer on for 10 minutes because my skin felt slightly heated and turned slightly pinkish the first 2 times I used it. After the third time, the heating sensation was no longer present and I was only left with very soft, smooth skin.
I like that Shea Butter and Macadamia Seed Oil was added to this mask because of their extremely skin nourishing properties and the amazing thing was that this black sugar mask emulsifies and washes off nicely, leaving no oily residue. It's way easier to take off then put on. Oh and this isn't a mask u want to parade around in because it makes u look like u had a terrible sun burn.
Results & thoughts:
^ it's a strong exfoliant. My skin instantly looked brighter and had a glow that lasted a day or so. It felt like a layer of dirt and dull skin had been lifted from my face and I was left with very clean skin
^ application should be very gentle because I didn't need to massage the sugar onto my skin to feel like the dead skin was being dissolved away
^smell could be overbearing and I just felt like I had fruity detergent on my face. Wish the fragrance had been lighter or left out altogether because it's so overpowering
^ skin looked smooth & glowing and there were no dry patches after using this mask
^subsequent skincare products seemed to be absorbed more easily after using this product
^best to use 2-3 a week. Not recommended for skin with active angry acne spots. Might be a little too harsh because of the coarse black sugar. But excellent for dull, thicker, sun damaged  or lackluster skin
On the whole, I'm impressed with this black sugar wash off mask from Skinfood. I hate the smell but the results are truly impressive. I use Annie's way mask when my skin is looking red and has inflammation or zits and I'm leaning more towards this mask when my skin is a bit clogged or dull looking. Also, I find the black sugar helps with getting rid of dead skin cells so it's probably helping my serums and oils absorb better. A great mask to exfoliate and brighten the skin - just need to tolerate the smell for 10 minutes or so :)
Love, BlovetBeauty

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 2015 Beauty Favs

I’m early this month.. Woo Hoo.. Cause I’m pretty certain of my beauty favourites and I’m sure I’m not going to have any new favs pop out in the last few days of Jan 2015! Even if it does, Pretty sure I’ll squeeze it to Feb 2015 favs!
January has been the month of fresh beginnings and warmer skies. I'm veering towards more corals and neutral earth tones with a soft spot for highlighters and of course my everyday eyeliners. Let's jump into my beauty favs this month - I haven't reviewed them all but I absolutely love them to bits.
Mac Vanilla Pigment 
An oldie but a goodie. I've rediscovered this for highlighting the face, adding a subtle shimmer on lids & brow bone and mixing it up with a cream blush for glowing cheeks.

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara Waterproof 
I used to have the non waterproof version but decided to go for this waterproof version when it ran out. It doesn't give me dark black lashes or volume like Clio's salon mascaras but it's a useful everyday mascara. 100% budge/water/smudge proof and so excellent for oily lids. Removal is easiest with warm water.
Elf’s Pinktastic Baked Blush
Pretty gorgeous highlighter. I think this blusher cum highlighter gives the right amount of shine for the day time. It’s definitely too subtle for the evening or more flashy events but as an everyday highlighter, it’s subtle and pretty and very wearable.
Banila co. Kiss Collector Lip Crayon PK 02
Really easy to use Lip Crayon and a pretty fuchsia pink. Very moisturizing and non drying on the lips.It actually plumps lip up and is very pigmented. Leaves a pink stain afterwards but all in all perfect for the Korean gradient lip look. 
Illamasqua Androgen Pigment
For beauty enthusiast, coral isn’t just coral. There’s peachy corals, neon corals, pinky corals, coral coral etc. Therefore justifying my coral craze. This one by Illamasqua is multi purpose and it's one of those formulas that has serious long lasting power. I love it as a blusher, lip color and sometimes a base lid color. It's amazing and does everything. Androgen is the perfect warm pinky peachy coral. It’s slightly more vibrant,pinky and intense compared to 3ce cream orange which is more of a true coral tone.

3 Concept Eyes Lip Crayon Cream Orange 
I adore 3ce Lip Crayon in cream orange because it looks gorgeous on the cheeks and lips. It's the most youthful, pastel, coral toned shade that complements yellow skintones. It goes with simple day looks or a smokey eye and I just enjoy it so much. Only thing is that it isn't as moisturising on the lips but nothing a little balm can't fix. I just love this shade and formula because it isn't easy finding such a bright coral peach shade that can cover my pigmentated lips without any concealor. Super impressed.

Clio Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner & Etude House Play 101 pencil 41
Brown seems to be the new black for me this start of year. I've been crazily attracted to browns, greys, corals, baby blue, so it's not surprising that I'm using these colors on my eyes. Browns enlarge the eyes in a subtle way and I'm loving Etude house Play 101 pencil 41 as a lid color base, lined with Clio's reformulated Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner.
These two liners are budge proof and provide such smooth application and are a total match made in neutral color heaven. Love love love.
Clio's Kill Brown Waterproof Brush liner comes with an oil makeup remover which is fantastic at removing this budge proof liner. A really handy pocket sized oil remover is included in the packaging – so thoughtful. Yes and a review of Clio’s Kill Black Liners will be coming up pretty soon!
Last but not least, I just wana say that my belly bump is a surprise non beauty top favourite.
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Love, BlovetBeauty

Monday, January 26, 2015

Etude House Play 101 Pencil 41.

Oh my I’ve been a naughty girl this weekend. I shared a cup of Godiva Milkshake with the hubs and yes it was good but not as heavenly as their soft serve chocolate ice cream ( that one is to die for). So besides gaining another kilo, I actually did a little bit of shopping in town and found out that LUSH is having a sale on some of their body washes ( Psst at 50% off!) and Bath & Body Works is having a further reduction on certain items as well ( Yes, I got more hand washes). I’ll do a quick update on the scents I got from both places soon! Great Pre CNY sales aside, I finally picked up Etude House Play 101 Pencil in 41.

It retails for $12 a pop and apparently it’s going for $8 plus for certain card holders. Thought I would try one out first because honestly I got completely overwhelmed with the million colors on display. Plus the SA hovering over me was just giving me anxiety. If u know what I mean. But for the sake of looking like Pony ( HAH!), highly doubt so, I picked up 41. which was a pretty interesting muted camel shade. It’s in the brown family but a very cool toned shimmery shade. I didn’t notice the shimmer at first ( pretty intrigued by the unique shade) and would have much much much preferred it to be matte because the shimmer particles did irritate my eyes a little!!
It comes as a retractable pencil with a sharpener at the other end. Neat and pretty.
The formula of Etude Play 101 Pencil is smooth and creamy but sets really well after leaving it for a few minutes. It stays put and doesn’t budge at all and because of that I’m pretty interested in getting a few darker shades for the waterline. For this particular shade 41, I really like using it on my lower lash line. I think it’s natural yet obvious enough to give definition to the lash line. It’s subtle yet very pretty and I would love it even more if it were matte, minus the shimmer bits. It makes a pretty eye shadow base for neutral earth tones but they do set pretty quick so you have to work pretty fast when smudging them out. I do like them as an eyeliner but you do have to sharpen them if you want clean sharp lines. For me personally I would still pick a liquid eyeliner for daily lining and use 41. as a soft liner or eyeshadow base.
The unique and fun thing about these pencils is that they apply really smoothly. Even my mom was impressed with the smooth yet budge proof formula. However, because it can be used in so many ways, I think you would have to do a little research or be very patient while swwatching individual colors. Some colors are more suited for the brows, some for the cheek and lids, some for lash line and some other for lips and cheeks. I know you get the gist of what I’m saying. There are so many colors, texture and so many uses, it gets a little bit overwhelming, even for me. But product wise, I enjoyed the formula and ease of application. Use a good oil based makeup remover for these pencils. They are pretty budge proof on the eyes!

Love, BlovetBeauty